Elisabetta ROVIDA, researcher from the University of Florance is interested in Twinning Call

Elisabetta Rovida has been involved in signal transduction studies starting with her experimental thesis in 1993. During the Ph.D. program. PhD Rovida studied the role of protein tyrosine phosphorylation in different biological processes such as survival, proliferation, adhesion and motility, in normal or neoplastic cells. Then she has joined the Laboratory of Prof. M. Baccarini (University of Wien), to investigate on the role of different Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases (MAPK) in the proliferation of macrophages. During the Post-doc, she carried out a number of studies on the role of protein tyrosine phosphorylation and MAPK in normal and neoplastic cells. Therefore, PhD Rovida has matured a twenty-year experience in signal transduction, MAPK in particular, in cancer cells.

Regarding the Twinning call published by European Commission, please find the details for further invitation and co-operation on Twinning call:

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