The NCP_WIDE.NET project organises its last mentoring visit devoted to ” Widening Projects in Practice & Measuring NCP Performance”, in Nicosia Cyprus, between 21-22 November 2016, hosted by the Research Promotion Foundation.

During the first day (09:00 – 18:30) , NCPs will have the chance to visit beneficiaries of Spreading Excellence Schemes in Cyprus, a country with good track record in widening schemes, and discuss with them the implementation of the projects. The visiting institutions will be the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics holder of an ERA Chair project titled “BIORISE”” as well as the University of Cyprus, holder of a Teaming (“KIOS”) and a Twinning (“TwinPV”) project.

The second day (22.11: until noon) will be devoted to discussing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs are gradually becoming a performance evaluation tool at project level, organisation level even at state level. The second day of this visit will induct the NCPs into KPIs, show them how handle KPIs through examples and touch upon issues such as  measuring performance based on KPIs.  The discussion and presentations will be led by NCPs that have had experience in this field.

This last mentoring visit of our project is a great opportunity to uncover tangible aspects of the NCP job, namely on the project implementation as well as interact with NCPs that have been already exposed to KPIs and learn how this experience has impacted their work.

Agenda of the meeting available here: agenda_4thmentoring_upda

For registrations, you may contact vkalodimou@help-forward.gr with cc to Constantina Makri, (cmakri@research.org.cy) and Patrycja Smolenska (Patrycja.Smolenska@kpk.gov.pl).

The registration is also available directly:

Event Registration