Date: October 8th, 2019

Venue: CSIC delegation in Brussels, Rue de Trone 62, 1050, Brussels


Thematic Pillar 1.  The future of the EU and the roles of the regions and cities

Concept: Sustainable regional growth and competitiveness can only happen by harmonizing Framework Programmes with place-based R&I investments of structural funds.  This way, a more homogeneous European Research Area can enable regions unfold their full potential. Let’s not forget community engagement that fuels synergies at regional level enhancing regional impact.

Spreading Excellence & Widening Participation actions are designed to address the uneven performance between member states in R&I allowing capacity building of beneficiary institutions and fostering collaborative networks between low R&I and high-performing member states.

This event will showcase ERA Chair projects in terms of their impact at regional level as well as discuss in plenary how sustainable growth and community engagement can be better addressed by EU-funded projects.