DATE & TIME: June 9, 2020, 11:00 CET

The webinar will focus on inclusiveness/ widening issues within the European Partnerships. The first case will be related to the results and conclusions of the study presenting EU13 participation in partnerships programmes performed within ERA-LEARN project. Examples of solutions adopted within partnerships dedicated to include EU13 countries will be presented as well. The second case will present the QuantERA ERA-NET in Quantum Technologies as example of partnership designing dedicated calls enabling participation of Widening countries. The scheme and its impact will be described. Webinar will be delivered by experts of the National Science Centre in Poland.

Dr. Malwina Gębalska – Scientific Programme Coordinator at the National Science Centre, responsible for coordination of NCN review process in arts, humanities and social sciences; involved in the ERA-LEARN CSA project, where she leads the task aiming to support participation of EU13 countries in partnership programmes; she holds a PhD degree in linguistics from Jagiellonian University.

Sylwia Kostka – Programme Coordinator of the QuantERA ERA-NET in Quantum Technologies. Sylwia works at the National Science Centre, Poland since 2011. Her main areas of interest are research policies, funding schemes, widening participation and effectiveness of international programmes. She holds MBA from Cracow University of Technology.

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