The role of NCPs in Policy making and Smart Specialisation, Warsaw, 27-28 April 2016.

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Description: The NCP_WIDE.NET project organises a mentoring visit entitled “The role of NCPs in Policy making and Smart Specialisation”

Target audience: All Widening NCPs.

Agenda: The agenda of the visit is built around the experiences shared by three NCPs in the following areas:
• The role of NCPs in the policy dialogue: Fostering synergies between Horizon 2020 and the
ESI funds. […]

WIDESPREAD Brokerage 2016@WIRE, Brainport Eindhoven Region, June 8, 2016

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NCP_WIDE.NET project invites organizations interested to form consortia for the calls of Teaming, Twinning,  ERA Chairs or discuss COST Actions, to participate at the WIDESPREAD Brokerage 2016, the first brokerage event dedicated to Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation Pillar of H2020.


Training on “Framework for synergies between ESIF and Horizon 2020 on WIDENING activities”.19-20 October 2015

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On 19th and 20th October 2015 the training on synergies between ESIF and Horizon 2020 on WIDENING activities took place. The aim of the event was to deliver expertise to WIDENING NCPs on Synergies between H2020 and ESIF as regard the specialized issues of Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation, in particular the Teaming, Twinning and […]

Workshop: Horizon2020 & structural funds synergy
3-4 June 2015

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To train WIDESPREAD NCPs and management authorities in order to get a better participation in the Program, and to prepare them for the changes that the new financing programs undergo.

Conference: WIRE 2015
4-5 June 2015

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The Latvian presidency was dedicated mostly the core topics from the perspective of EU economy, growth and jobs: Competitive Europe, Digital Europe, Engaged Europe. A great part was also dedicated to the Research and Innovation area, which is foreseen to become a significant EU prosperity booster. A concrete outcome was the WIRE 2015 high-level conference, […]